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the fact that my brother starts his junior year of high school tomorrow is mind blowing. seems like just yesterday he was telling on me for hitting him with a frying pan or knocking him into the trash can and making his tooth fall out. 😭 i hope he has a great first day and an even better year. #hesgrowinguptoofast #timeneedstoowdownabit #mylowkeyminime #GodknewwhatHewasdoingwhenHemadeus7yearsapart #mymomwouldnthavebeenabletohandleusifwewerecloserinage
i needed a laugh and a laugh is what i got. 😭😭😭😭 #ignorancemakesmelaugh #whatsyourstreetname 😂💀
i’m ways trying new stuff. #productjunkie let’s see at the end of the day if my $16 was well spent. #curlbox #teamnatural #naturalista #kinkycurly #tomorrowmakes7monthssincemybigchop #ineedtodoalengthcheck #myshrinkageisreal

Egyptian Mermaid 
Oh….so you just gon_________

-The nigga who is about to call you out on your shit (via palmtreezandbluewater)

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If only our great thinkers could learn to talk, and our great talkers could learn to think.

- Ashleigh Brilliant (via newblog-oldurl)

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Who the hell thought of this?

I’ve forgotten what this fucking thing was called help
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